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Compare quotes for Man & Van

Save time and money on Man & Van service by comparing up to 6 free quotes from local Man & Van businesses.

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How to find the best Man & Van service?

Man & Van bookings are about time, price and convenience. Luckily, you can easily get quotes for a Man & Van from multiple companies using a single website. This ensures you can compare the prices on the market and get the quality service you deserve for your Man & Van job.

VanHelper works with trusted Man & Van companies to provide you with the best local Man & Van service for your move at affordable pricing. No matter how big or small your job is, VanHelper will find the right Man and Van for you, so get your Man & Van quote via VanHelper today.

Do I need Man & Van or House Removal?

This all depends on the number of items you want to move and what can fit into the vehicle. As a rule of thumb, if you are moving to a studio or a small 1 bedroom flat, you should be able to fit most of your items into a Long Wheel Base Transit Van, then a Man & Van service is for you.

However, if you have bulky items or want your house packed and unpacked without worrying about the move, then a Professional Removals service is for you.

How much does it cost to hire a Man & Van in the UK?

As a national average, it costs around £30 to £60 per hour to hire a Man & Van service in the UK. Most Man & Van companies require 2 hours minimum booking so you can expect a minimum charge of £60-£120.

How to choose the right Man & Van service?

You should consider certain things before hiring a Man & Van for your job. VanHelper has compiled a list of tips to help you choose the right Man & Van for your removal job.

Questions about the quote

Is it a fixed quote?

Ask questions to ensure that the Man & Van will only try to charge you for your required services. You should also clarify with the Man & Van what other potential charges there might be.

How will I be charged?

Payment is usually per hour. If you have agreed to a fixed price, any time beyond the original booking may cost you extra, so consider any delays you may encounter during the move.

How do I pay?

Generally, Man & Van services are paid in cash after the job is completed.

Will there be a pre-move survey?

If unsure whether your items will fit into the vehicle provided, you may request a pre-move survey from the Man & Van company. You can also question whether the Man & Van service would like to see some pictures of items that need to be moved. The critical thing to understand is whether the items will fit into the van and whether the vehicle can carry the items' weight.

Will I be able to travel in the vehicle?

You are usually allowed to travel together in the vehicle if you ask the Man & Van service if you ask for permission beforehand.

Questions about the vehicle

What type of vehicle will be used for a Man & Van service?

Man & Van will usually use a Transit Van. However, these come in different sizes, so it's always better to clarify with the Man & Van service what vehicle will be used for the move so you can make sure your items can fit in the van.

What if we don’t fit everything in one go?

If items do not fit in the vehicle in one go, multiple trips can be made to complete the job. However, this may not be an option if it is a long-distance job (more than 20 miles) due to time constraints.

How will the parking be organised?

If you have your own parking space, that will benefit the move. However, if you require parking permits, it is easiest for you as the customer to arrange this at the pickup and drop-off locations. Alternatively, you can ask the Man & Van service to acquire the permits themselves.

Questions about the equipment used

Will there be any moving blankets or straps provided?

Man & Van companies should use moving blankets and moving straps to protect your valuables from damage and secure your items during transit. This is the recommended method to increase the protection of your items when you use a Man & Van Service.

Will there be boxes provided?

Although it is uncommon for a Man & Van service to provide removal boxes, you can ask the service provider if they can sell you or lend you specialised removal boxes to assist with the move.

Will there be a moving dolly provided?

A dolly might be required for heavier items, so ask this question if you have heavy items that require moving.

Questions about the helper

How many people will arrive for the job?

For most Man & Van jobs, the driver will also be the helper, so one person will be on the job. It is still a good idea to ask this question to get a confirmation from the company directly.

How do I identify the helper?

Will the company provide you with the vehicle's license plate, or will the helper be in uniform? You must ensure you know the identity of the person who will come for your job for safety reasons.

Do I need to help with the loading and unloading?

Customers of Man & Van services may also expect to help with the move in loading and unloading the van. Clarify whether you need to assist the helper with the loading and unloading, and prepare to call your friends or family for additional pairs of hands.

Questions about the company

Do you have any insurance?

Check what type of insurance the company has. Although your home insurance policy may cover accidental damages or loss during the move, you should not rely on that and always choose a Man & Van service with Goods in Transit insurance for your peace of mind.

Do you have any references such as customer reviews?

Check the customer reviews on sites such as VanHelper to get a good idea of what other customers think about their business. It will also help you decide which company to choose, and if there is a terrible review, you can ask the company directly about it, as it could be a misunderstanding with the reviewer.

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