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Where to book a home removal in Bristol?

Finding a home removal in Bristol is easy and free with VanHelper. Simply enter a few basic details of your move, and let VanHelper search for a local removal company in Bristol for you. The carefully curated removal companies will contact you and provide you with a tailored quote for your removal needs.

The average cost for a local house removal service in Bristol

Although each removal is unique, you can find average prices for typical home removals in Bristol in the table below:

Property size Average cost
1 bedroom £400 - £500
2 bedroom £500 - £650
3 bedroom £650- £850

You can find the most accurate prices in the quotes provided by the respective moving company for your job request on VanHelper.

Every move is unique. Expect a typical one bedroom move in Bristol to cost at least £ 400, a two bedroom move to start at £500, and a three bedroom cost to begin at £650. When requesting a quote, always ask whether a pre-move survey is required, especially for moves for properties with two or more bedrooms.

The average cost of moving a home between Bristol and other UK cities

A query we get often is how much does a removal from one city to another city typically cost? After all, it's always good to know the market rates for the removals service you want to purchase for your Bristol move.

A typical removals jobs cost within the UK would be similar in price. Below is a standard cost you should expect to pay for removal from Bristol to other cities based on a three bedroom property removal.

Bristol to other cities Average cost for 3 bedroom property
Bristol to London £1,000 - £1,200
Bristol to Birmingham £1,000 - £1,200
Bristol to Liverpool £1,050 - £1,200
Bristol to Glasgow £1,200 - £1,400
Bristol to Cardiff £1,100 - £1,300
Bristol to Belfast £1,000 - £1,250

When is the busiest time for home movers in Bristol?

The busiest time to move the most expensive time for a house move in Bristol is the end of August, which is in line with the rest of the UK. Friday is also the busiest day of the week to move home in Bristol.

VanHelper offers a one-stop search for local removal companies within Bristol, which will help you find the best removal companies for Bristol with a wide range of services provided. To avoid disappointment, we always recommend that you start your search for a removal company three weeks in advance of your move.

Why move to Bristol?

Bristol is the most populous city in South-West England. Since the Roman and Iron Ages, houses have been built along the river confluence of the river Avon & Forme, and the city has a rich maritime history.

Today the city of Bristol has a modern economy focusing on creative media, electronics and the aerospace industry. The historical maritime docks have been converted to preserve the city's cultural identity.

Two leading universities in Bristol, the redbrick University of Bristol and the University of the West of England, had opened as Bristol Polytechnic originally.

Suppose you want to live in a beautiful green city with a waterfront, diverse people, a low crime rate and a creative atmosphere. In that case, Bristol is the city for you.

There are many shopping areas within Bristol. The main three shopping centres are Bristol Shopping Quarter, Cabot Circus and the Mall at Cribbs Causeway.

There are two main railway stations in Bristol. Bristol Temple Meads is near the city centre and is served by the Great Western Railway high-speed service to London Paddington. Towards the north of Bristol is the other central railway station Bristol Parkway, which has regional and local trains going towards Swansea, Cardiff, London, Birmingham and the North of England.

Like most major British cities, Bristol has a modern public transport network with local trains, buses, and ferries. The park-and-ride initiative encourages travellers to park their cars at designated spots and use the pay-for-a-bus ticket in exchange for free parking. Bus services can operate as frequently as every 12 minutes.

The Bristol ferry boats operate a regular ferry service across the major attractions along the harbourside. Some tours can take you along the river Avon to Bath.

Bristol city has a population of 465.900, and the wider Bristol built-up urban area has a population of 700,630 as of 2022.

Best places to live in Bristol

Suppose you are considering moving to Bristol and are still determining where the bests places are. We at VanHelper have compiled a list of the top 5 places you can move to Bristol, each with its selling points. We also encourage you to use VanHelper to search for the best removal services for your needs in Bristol.


Considered one of Bristol’s most prestigious and desirable suburbs to live in, historically it is where the affluent and wealthy have settled within Bristol, and geographically Clifton village is situated on a hill overlooking the rest of the city, the University of Bristol is also located in Clifton, here you will find lots of open spaces and incredible view from the Downs and the Avon Gorge. The house prices in Clifton average £550,000, flats were the most popular type of property. They sold at an average of £415,000, Terraced properties sold for an average of £825,000 and semi-detached properties sold for an average of £1,3000,000.

Leigh Woods

Just towards the West of Clifton across the Clifton suspension bridge is Leigh woods, just over 2 square kilometres of a woodland nature reserve with abundant wildlife. The perfect location for nature-loving families to move to the residential area is towards the south of the nature reserve. It contains 320 households of all types of properties. There is a solid residential spirit in the area. The house prices in Leigh Woods average at £746,500, flats were the most popular type of property and sold at an average of £480,000, semi-detached properties sold for an average of £1,100,000 and detached properties sold for an average of £1,350,000.


One of Bristol's most popular student accommodation areas is Redland. Redland is considered more affordable than Clifton, as Clifton is one of the more expensive areas in Bristol. Generally speaking, Redland has a younger vibe, as the area is popular with young professionals. The house prices in Redland Bristol average at £521,000, flats were the most popular type of property and sold at an average of £373,500, terraced properties sold for an average of £704,000 and semi-detached properties sold for an average of £847,500.

Sneyd Park

If you are looking to move into a property with architectural flairs, then Sneyd Park would be the location to find a home. With some of the finest examples of Victorian and Edwardian architecture in the UK, each house in Senyd park has its history and characteristics. Additionally, two of the best open spaces in Bristol, The Downs and Blaise Castle Estate, border Sneyd Park. The proximity to Clifton means that food and entertainment are also within walking distance for residents. The house prices in Sneyd Park Bristol average at £625,000, flats were the most popular type of property and sold at an average of £383,000, semi-detached properties sold for an average of £458,500 and detached properties sold for an average of £1,382,000.

Troopers Hill

Towards the east of Bristol is Trooper’s Hill, with a glorious industrial history. It has a commanding view over the city and is one of the most family-friendly locations to move to in Bristol. Additionally, it serves as the main viewing platform for the annual Bristol Balloon Fiesta. The value of properties is more reasonable compared to the properties you can find towards the west of the City. There are plenty of transport links in the form of local buses as well as a local railway station named Lawrence hill that has trains to Bristol Temple Meads. The house prices in Troopers Hill Bristol average at £310,000, terraced houses were the most popular type of property and sold at an average of £305,000, and semi-detached properties sold for an average of £321,000.

Key facts about moving to Bristol


Bristol City has a population of roughly 700,630 inhabitants as of 2022. You can find Bristol’s age demographics breakdown below:

Age Percentage of population
0-15 years 18.5%
16-24 years 15.7%
25-49 years 38.5%
50-64 years 14.3%
Over 64 years 13.0%

Average property prices in Bristol

Bristol is the biggest city in southwest England, producing a higher-than-average property price, with an average property price of £333,000.

In 2022 the house prices in Bristol rose by 2.1% in January alone, and the city expects an 8.1% annual growth this year.

Sellers sold flats for an average of £269,000, terraced housing in Bristol sold for an average of £345,500 and semi-detached properties at an average of £368,000.

Average rent prices in Bristol

The average rent in Bristol is £1,500 per calendar month, and the median rent is £1,350 per calendar month. Most properties in Bristol had a rental price between £1,000 and £2,000.

The average 1 bedroom property rent in Bristol is £1,000 per calendar month. You can find a 2 or 3 bedroom property for around £1,500 per calendar month. You can expect to pay £2,000 and above per calendar month for a 4 bedroom property.

Bristol's potential for growth

With a thriving economy, Bristol and nearby Bath forms an economic area which generates over £32 billion per year. The 42 million strong workforce in the city are well educated. Many businesses have started to move to Bristol to take advantage of this educated workforce, which drives up demand for properties and increases job opportunities in Bristol.

Moving to Bristol is an intelligent choice for long-term investment. You will be rewarded with a market with one of the highest demands in rental properties within the UK, excellent occupancy rates and high rental yield. The choices of properties are varied, and the price points of properties mean that both large and small investors can share the fruits of Bristol's growth.

The Bristol city council is looking to regenerate the Dockland areas and the Temple Quarter. This involves developing projects and infrastructure to support such rapid growth. The amount invested is adding to over £1 billion in the last few years alone.

Bristol public transport

Bristol’s public transport revolves around buses, trains and ferries. Although the city does not have its mass transit underground system, it is well served by strategically located railway stations. The two main railway stations are Bristol Temple Meads and Bristol Parkway.

Greater Western railway operates a GWR Freedom Travel pass which travellers can use for unlimited travel on all trains and buses within Bristol. Alternatively, you can buy tickets on the Bristol First Bus application or directly from bus drivers when you board the bus. Contactless payments are also supported on buses in Bristol.

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