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Are you running a removal business?

Get more customers with VanHelper

The online platform that works for you
Booking automation
No reverse bidding
No subscription fees
Free to join

How it works?
Step 1
Tell us more about your business
Register in minutes and let us know your business better, so we can get the right customers for you.
We will ask you information such as:
  • vans you operate,
  • number of drivers and helpers,
  • area you cover,
  • pricing for your service.
Step 2
Get connected with the relevant customers
Based on your account configuration, we instantly match your business with relevant customer queries and present quotes on your behalf back to the customers in real-time.
You will always get what you asked for, as the price is calculated based on the fees you set.
Step 3
Carry out the job and collect the money
If you are chosen by the customer, the job is yours.
You will immediately receive a booking confirmation, which contains all the required details to carry out the job.
Once the job is complete, collect the money directly from the customer as you normally do.
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Unlike other platforms, we don’t sell leads and we don’t make service providers compete to the lowest price through reverse bidding. Instead, you tell us up front how much you would like to charge for your services and VanHelper finds you customers on your terms.
The system automatically generates quotes based on your fees, so you don’t need to manually respond to every customer query, which saves your precious time. Work smarter not harder, let the automated system take bookings for you - even when you sleep.
It's completely free to join and there are no ongoing fees for your business to be advertised to customers on the VanHelper marketplace. VanHelper charges you a percentage commission only when we get you a confirmed booking.
You will be paid directly by the customer on the day, once the booking is complete.
Any business that provides House Removal or Man & Van services in the UK is welcome to join. Whether you have a single van or a fleet of vehicles, VanHelper is focused on helping small to medium-sized businesses to sell domestic relocation services online.
No, VanHelper is keen on seeing your business getting as many jobs as it can, even if it is not from us. VanHelper has features which allow you to avoid clashes, so we can work in conjunction with your other bookings.
Yes, you can put your account into ‘holiday mode’ at any time. VanHelper will not arrange any new bookings for your business when the ‘holiday mode’ is enabled.
You should notify us as quickly as possible. VanHelper would endeavour to find another service provider for the booking.
We advise that you notify the customer as early as possible if there is a chance that the booking may go over the expected time.
Although the customers are aware of a potential overtime charge for every 30-minute interval over the initial booking’s duration, it is always a good idea to discuss and explain why the extra time is required.
Are you ready for more bookings?
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