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Where to book a home removal in Manchester?

There are many removals services local in Manchester. Still, with VanHelper, help you find professional local removals companies and get quotes from these local companies for free. VanHelper lets you compare multiple removal companies on a single website.

The average cost for local house removal in Manchester

The Average removals cost for Manchester is similar to all the other major cities within the United Kingdom. Manchester is one of the most populous metropolitan areas, and there is high demand for home-moving experts all year round.

VanHelper removal’s finder service will get you the best quote for your home removals in Manchester. All jobs are unique and priced professionally, and you can find an average price for removals in Manchester below. These prices may vary based on parking, accessibility, the number of items to be moved, and the distance to travel.

Property size Average cost
1 bedroom £300 - £400
2 bedroom £400 - £550
3 bedroom £500 - £650

You can expect to pay at least £300 for typical home removal for a one bedroom property in Manchester, two bedroom property house move will start at £400, and a three bedroom property removal will start at £500

A removal company can do a free pre-move survey in person or via video call. This will give you the most accurate estimation for your home move and help the company understand your situation and tailor the service to your needs.

The average cost of moving a home between Manchester and other UK cities

Below you can find our estimated baseline and average price for a three bedroom property move between Manchester and other major cities around the UK. Remember, these prices are just an estimate. You will always get the most accurate prices directly from removal companies that you can find on VanHelper based on your moving situation.

Manchester to other cities Average cost for 3 bedroom property
Manchester to London £1,000 - £1,200
Manchester to Birmingham £1,000 - £1,200
Manchester to Liverpool £1,050 - £1,200
Manchester to Glasgow £1,200 - £1,400
Manchester to Cardiff £1,100 - £1,300
Manchester to Belfast £1,000 - £1,250

When is the busiest time for home movers in Manchester?

The busiest time in the year for house moving in Manchester is late August, and late summer is always the busiest time to move your home within the UK. Friday is also the busiest day of the week for house removals in Manchester. There are peaks around January as well when students move back for the January term at Manchester University.

If you are planning to move to Manchester, you should plan at least three weeks ahead to avoid disappointment.

Why move to Manchester?

Manchester is consistently ranked as one of the most liveable cities in the UK by different publications. The reasons are simple: excellent quality of life, low cost of living, excellent culture, accomplished academic environment, thriving nightlife and diverse restaurants with food from all over the world are just some reasons why you should move to Manchester.

Manchester City only has a population of 553,230 as of 2019, and the Greater Manchester metropolitan area has a population of 2.82 million as of 2019. The Greater Manchester metropolitan area contains ten boroughs, and they are:

  • Manchester
  • Bolton
  • Bury
  • Oldham
  • Rochdale
  • Salford
  • Stockport
  • Tameside
  • Trafford
  • Wigan

Manchester is the world’s first industrialised city. Today the economy of Manchester is one of the largest in England, with a focus on research and knowledge led industries such as biotechnology, advanced manufacturing, digital services and environmental technologies clustered around the University of Manchester. The Greater Manchester metropolitan area is the second-most populous urban area behind Greater London, with commercial services centres focused in Deansgate, Kings Street, Mosley Street, Piccadilly Gardens, and Spinningfields.

The University of Manchester stands at the forefront of scientific research within the United Kingdom. It has 25 Nobel laureates affiliated with the University, the 4th highest within the UK.

Manchester is uniquely situated to be the central hub of Northern England; geographically, it is located in a centre point between Liverpool, Leeds and Sheffield. To the North of Manchester are the Pennines chain mountains, and to the East of Manchester is the Peak District National Park.

Home removals in Manchester are competitive, but you can find low prices for removals quotes using VanHelper. VanHelper quotes are free, and you can use the website to compare the best prices for house removals in Manchester. Regardless of whether you want to move to another city or locally within Manchester, VanHelper will be able to help you.

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Best places to move to in Manchester

Manchester blends affordability with excellent housing options; if you are thinking of moving your home to Manchester, here are 6 of the best places for you to settle down in Manchester:


An ancient market town in Trafford borough, it is mainly a commuter town due to the excellent public transport available in the form of Manchester Metrolink tram services, bus services and the national rail at Altrincham interchange. The average property price in Altrincham is £526,000 with Terraced properties averaging £410,000 and Detached properties reaching £900,000 +


Didsbury is on the northern bank of the River Mersey, just 4.5 miles from Manchester city centre. As one of Manchester’s most affluent suburbs, the area has excellent schools, world-class restaurants and ample green space. This is the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the Manchester city centre. Didsbury also has excellent transport links with Metrolink, Busses and Railways stations serving the area. The average property price in Didsbury is £390,000, with detached housing selling at an average of £430,000 and flats selling at an average of £240,000.


The primary student residence hub of Manchester, with multiple student halls and many properties, rented out to students, Rusholme is just south of Manchester city centre. While it does not have a Metrolink station, Rusholme has a well-connected bus station. The famous high street of Wilmslow Road is lined with shops and restaurants with cuisines from around the world. Rusholme has an average property price of £164,000, with sales mainly leaning toward terraced houses averaging £152,500 and flats averaging £123,000.


Located in Trafford, Sale is just on the south bank of River Mersey. The location has a relatively large shopping area, and the transport links are phenomenal. Sale Metrolink Tram station is just three stops from Manchester city centre. Sale is the location of many great Primary and Secondary schools, which makes it a perfect place for parents looking to provide a better education for their children. Sale Manchester’s average property price is £341,000, with mainly semi-detached properties being sold at an average of £375,000, detached houses being sold for an average of £541,000 and terraced properties sold for an average of £269,000.


Along a meander on the River Irwell, Salford is the site for one of the most significant urban regeneration projects in the United Kingdom. The regeneration started in the 1980s and continues today, with the focal point at Salford Quays and MediaCityUK just off the Manchester Ship Canal. MediaCityUK now contains the regional headquarters of BBC and ITV Granada. The average property price in Salford is £214,000, with the main property stock being Flats sold at an average of £200,000. For a terraced house, you can expect to pay an average of £191,000 in Salford, and semi-detached properties average £226,000.


Spinningfields is the financial centre of Manchester and home to the best entertainment, restaurants and shopping that Manchester can offer. Spinningfields is also the home to the Manchester Opera house, The John Rylands Research Institute and Library and the People’s history museum. It is well served by 3 Metrolink stations, the closest being Deansgate-Castlefield Tram station. If you want to be within walking distance of a good night out, Spinningfields is your home. As a high-density urban area, the main housing stock is flats. Flats sell for an average of £240,500. Terraced and semi-detached housing can be found across the river at an average of £280,000 and £350,000, respectively. To search for properties in Spinningfields, search for properties in the postcode M3 area.

Key facts about moving to Manchester


Manchester City has a population of roughly 552,000 inhabitants as of 2019, the Urban area has a population estimate of 2,705,000, and the Metropolitan area has a population of around 3,348,000.

Manchester has a generally younger population. Manchester population demographics indicate that there are approximately 296,000 people (55.9% of the population) aged 18-49 years, 67,000 people (12.6% of the population) aged 50-64 years, 27,000 people (5.1% of the population) aged 65-74 years, 16,000 people (3.1% of the population) aged 75-84 years, and 6,000 people (1.2%) aged 85 years or over.

Average property prices in Manchester

Manchester’s average property prices averaged £242,000; however, Sale, Altrincham, Bowdon, Hale, Cheadle & Gately and Hazel Grove & Bramhall had an average price of over £400,000, and properties in Altrincham reached £1.1 million.

The majority of the housing stock sold in Manchester were semi-detached properties which sold for an average of £265,000, whilst Terraced properties in Manchester sold for an average of £206,000, and Flats within Manchester were sold for an average of £197,000

Average rent prices in Manchester

The average rent in Manchester is £1,150 per calendar month, and the median rent is £930 per calendar month. 43% of the properties offered for rent in Manchester were priced between £500 to £1,000 per calendar month, and 32% of properties were offered for rent between £1,000 to £2,000 per calendar month.

If you move outside the city centre, however, you can expect the rent to be around 30% cheaper for the same sized properties.

Average salary in Manchester

The average salary in Manchester is £30,000, which is lower than the London average of £36,000. Some areas in Manchester outperform the average in London, such as Trafford, which has an average salary of £37,000, and Salford, which has an average salary of £40,700.

This means you can enjoy a higher salary than London in Manchester whilst enjoying the lower cost of living there. For example, beer is typically 20% cheaper in Manchester compared to London. Generally, consumer prices are 14% lower in Manchester compared to London. This, with lower public transport and housing costs, makes Manchester an attractive city to move to without affecting your salary if you consider moving from London to Manchester.

Public transport in Manchester

Manchester’s Metrolink is one of the most comprehensive light tram networks in the United Kingdom. This is the main form of public transport when you are living in Manchester.

Alternative to Metrolink is the Manchester Piccadilly railway station, which opened in 1842. The Metrolink sits in Manchester City centre and connects to the Manchester Metrolink Piccadilly station; the railway connects Manchester has routes to the following cities in the United Kingdom:

  • London
  • Birmingham
  • Nottingham
  • Glasgow
  • Edinburgh
  • Cardiff
  • Bristol
  • Exeter
  • Plymouth
  • Reading
  • Southampton
  • Bournemouth

Ninety-two railway stations across Greater Manchester, with Northern rail being the main operator for most of these stations and routes; Manchester Victoria, Manchester Oxford Road, Manchester Airport, Stockport and Bolton Railway station are the busiest stations after Manchester Piccadilly.

Metroshuttle free busses are available within the city centre and provide a free bus system that travels through the city centre’s main commercial, financial and cultural districts. The free busses currently operate three routes.

Besides the free bus shuttle service, there are also bus services that span much of Greater Manchester, which operate on a fare model.

Manchester has extensive canal networks that are a testament to its industrial history. A water taxi operated in the canal network until it closed in 2018. Today, the canal's primary use is transporting commodities and cargo to and from the port of Liverpool.

Metrolink in Manchester

Metrolink is a tram / light rail system serving the Greater Manchester area. The network has 99 stops along with 65 miles (105 km) of tracks, making it the biggest light rail system in the United Kingdom. Eight lines on the Metrolink network radiate from the Manchester City centre.

As of 2021, there are four travel zones on the Manchester Metrolink, with a Zone 1 single fare starting at £1.40 and Zone 1-4 single fare starting at £3.20 at most. It is possible to pay using contactless credit or debit card on the network, which caps the fare at £7.10 for one day of travel or £4.90 for one day of off-peak travel. Seasonal tickets are also available for purchase and offer more significant discounts to customers.

The four main interchange stations in Central Manchester are:

  • Piccadilly Gardens
  • Cornbrook
  • Deansgate-Castlefield
  • St Peter’s Square

Manchester airport

Manchester airport is 8.6 miles southwest of Manchester City centre, the 3rd busiest airport in the United Kingdom. From a public transport perspective, the airport is accessible using Metrolink, National Rail and Buses.

There are direct flights to over 200+ destinations from Manchester to cities in Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia.

Drivers that wish to pick up or drop off passengers directly outside the terminal will have to pay a fee of £5 for five minutes and £6 for 10 minutes at the exit barrier; if you overstay the 10 minutes, there will be a charge of £25. There are car parks for the Train station, Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 at Manchester airport charge £6 for 30 minutes and £12 for 1 hour.

To drop off a passenger for free at Manchester Airport, you can use the free drop-off point at Thorley Lane, where your passengers can take a free shuttle bus to their terminal.

Air quality in Manchester

NO2 concentrations can reach 62µg/m3 in Manchester Oxford Road; this is expected as it is one of the main corridors from South Manchester to the city centre. Tameside Mottram Moor has the second-highest NO2 concentration in Greater Manchester at 43µg/m3.

PM10 concentration in Greater Manchester was within the target of 40µg/m3. Most air quality stations recorded an annual mean of under 20µg/m3. Congested areas such as Manchester Oxford Road reached an annual mean of 30μg/m3, and the lowest annual mean at 14μg/m3 in Trafford Moss Park.

PM2.5 annual mean ranged between 8.1µg/m3 and 11µg/m3, with urban areas of Manchester Piccadilly and Manchester south with a higher PM2.5 concentration of 11µg/m3 and suburban areas such as Manchester Sharston with a lower annual mean of 8.1µg/m3.

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