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Where to book a home removal in Newport?

There are a large number of removal companies that call Newport their home. VanHelper can help you compare multiple removal services on a single website and get quotes for free for Newport removals that best suit your removal needs.

The average cost for local Newport removals

Although each removal is unique, you can find average prices for typical home removals in Newport in the table below:

Property size Average cost
1 bedroom £400 - £500
2 bedroom £500 - £650
3 bedroom £650- £850

You can find the most accurate prices in the quotes provided by the respective moving company for your job request on VanHelper.

Every move is unique. Expect a typical 1 bedroom move in Newport to cost at least £ 400, a two bedroom move to start at £500, and a 3 bedroom move to begin at £650. When requesting a quote, always ask whether a pre-move survey is required primarily for moves for properties larger than two bedrooms.

The average cost of moving a home between Newport and other UK cities

A query we get often is how much does a removal from one city to another city typically cost? After all, it's always good to know the market rates for the removals service you want to purchase for your Newport move.

A typical removals jobs cost within the UK would be similar in price. Below is a typical cost you should expect to pay for a Newport to city removal based on a three bedroom property removal.

Newport to other cities Average cost for 3 bedroom property
Newport to London £1,000 - £1,200
Newport to Manchester £1,000 - £1,200
Newport to Liverpool £1,050 - £1,200
Newport to Glasgow £1,200 - £1,400
Newport to Cardiff £1,100 - £1,300
Newport to Belfast £1,000 - £1,250

When is the busiest time for home movers in Newport?

The busiest time for house removals and, by extension, the most expensive time to move in Newport is in late August. This is consistent with the rest of the United Kingdom. Friday is also the week's busiest day for home removals in Newport.

For removal, planning is always the key. VanHelper recommends that you plan at least three weeks. Use VanHelper to book your home removals now to avoid disappointment.

Why move to Newport?

Newport is the 3rd largest city in Wales and part of the Cardiff Metropolitan area. Located just 15 miles from Cardiff, the city was once legally a part of England for over 400 years until 1974.

The city of Newport, once focused on shipping, has now transitioned to manufacturing and engineering, and the M4 corridor has bolstered Newport's economy.

If you want fresh air and a lot of green space, then Newport is the ideal city. With a small urban cluster in the City centre, the city is surrounded by the scenic beauty that Wales has to offer, such as the Wye Valley, The Brecon Beacons, The Gower coast and the Vale of Usk.

Shopping and entertainment wise, you can find all your needs met at Friars Walk shopping and leisure complex, which is just a stone's throw away from Commercial Street and High Street.

There is one main railway station in Newport named “Newport (South Wales)”, and it can reach Cardiff in under 14 minutes. There are also fast trains that can reach London Paddington station in under 1 hour 42 minutes. A separate railway station located in the North East of Newport called Pye Corner railways station also served the residential suburbs of Newport and was completed in 2014.

Regarding public transport, hybrid on-demand bus services are available in Newport under Fflecsi bus services. As well as established routes, the service also has an on-demand element which serves irregular routes far from a regular bus stop with timetable service. You can book the on-demand service through the phone or online through an app or website. Once booked, the service will indicate a nearby pickup location. The locals usually schedule pickup and drop-off return journeys well in advance to take advantage of this on-demand service.

Newport city's population was 154,676 in 2018. The wider metropolitan area, which includes Cardiff city region, has a population of 1,190,835 as of 2019

Best places to move to in Newport

Are you considering moving to Newport but need to figure out where the best places are? VanHelper has compiled a list of the best places to move to in Newport, and we’re sure you will use VanHelper to find your next removals to relocate to Newport.

Level of Mendalgief, Graig

It is on the border of Cardiff and Newport. It is the target area for one of the biggest regeneration schemes in South Wales, with a target completion date of 2026. It is planned to have a mix of open market and affordable homes as well as shops and amenities for residents, replacing the existing industrial complexes. The average property price for Level of Mendalgief is £155,000.


The rural town of Risca is on the Southeastern edge of the South Wales Coalfield. It is a historic mining town shaped by heavy industries over the centuries. Most of the local coal mines were closed in the 1970s, and rural wooded hills and forests now surround Risca with low-density buildings. Risca is the ideal location for a quiet life; in Newport. The average property price in Risca is £163,500, with terraced properties going for an average of £143,000, semi-detached properties selling for an average of £171,000 and detached properties selling for an average of £224,000


Commuter town for both Cardiff and Newport, the town has a thriving tourism industry with a distinct history and heritage of Norman castles. There is a budding local arts scene with festivals all year round. The area is a foodie’s heaven because of the monthly farmers market and twice weekly general markets. The average property price in Caerphilly is £206,300, with a majority of sales going to semi-detached properties that sold for an average of £192,000, detached properties sold for an average of £283,000 and terraced properties sold for an average of £156,500


Also known as “Blackhouse” or Rogerstone, it is a suburban village near Newport. The Rogerstone railway station and Pye Corner railway station serve the location. This contains many open spaces such as the Welfare Grounds and Mescoed Mawr woodlands, the town came to the international spotlight in 2014 when then President of United States Barrack Obama visited the Mount Pleasant Primary school. The average property price in Ty-Du is £260,000, with detached properties selling for an average of £312,000, semi-detached properties going for an average of £218,500, and terraced properties selling for an average of £160,000

Key facts about moving to Newport


Newport City has a population of roughly 154,676 inhabitants as of 2018.

You can find Newport’s age demographics breakdown below:

Age Percentage of population
0-2 3.87%
3-5 4.05%
6-11 7.97%
12-17 6.96%
18-24 7.64%
25-34 14.34%
35-44 12.64%
45-54 13.40%
55-64 11.90%
65-74 9.27%
Over 74 7.98%

Average property prices in Newport

Newport in South Wales is often a hot spot for property investors. With the continuous rise of property prices throughout the UK, mainly due to increased demands, Newport has also experienced an increase in house prices.

Since 1995 the property prices for Newport have increased from an average of £50,000 to an average of £220,000 in 2021.

Terraced housing in Newport sold for an average of £158,000, and Sellers sold semi-detached properties at an average of £211,000. Detached houses reached an average price of £340,000 sold.

Average rent prices in Newport

The average rent in Newport is £750 per calendar month, and the median rent is £695 per calendar month. 25% of the properties offered for rent in Newport were priced between £250 to £500 per calendar month, and 66.25% of properties were offered for rent between £500 to £1,000 per calendar month.

The average 1 bedroom property rent in Newport is £540 per calendar month. A renter can find a 2 or 3 bedroom property for around £820 per calendar month. You can expect to pay £1,500 per calendar month for a 4 bedroom property.

Newport public transport

Newport is served by two main railway stations, Newport (South Wales) station and Pye Corner railway station, both have services to Cardiff and London.

Bus services are operated by Newport transport and provide fixed route services throughout the city. Fflecsi bus services also complement the fixed route services by providing on-demand bus services, which you can book through a smartphone application.

Newport potential for growth

Newport has budgeted over £1.1 million to restore the town centre Newport Market, and there have been much interest and redevelopment in the city. The Local government started work on a Newport redevelopment plan in 2015, with a target completion date in 2026. Newport authorities have begun work on a replacement plan to see the development sot Brownfield sites with additional housing, entertainment and education sectors. Friars walk one of the results of these developments. The Local authorities at Newport seem to have the ambition to push the city to new heights through regeneration and redevelopment programs.

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