Why should I hire a removal service?

Suppose you have only ever experienced moving home by yourself or with the help of a few close family and friends. In that case, you must know how exhausting and time-consuming the whole process can be. VanHelper is a service that can help connect you with the best professional removal services in your area. In this article, I will go through the six main reasons you should hire a removal service.

Moving and transporting heavy items

Heavy and bulky items are hard to move and transport. Moving large items without the correct equipment may damage the item or the property. At worse, you may injure yourself because you have not taken suitable safety precautions when moving large items.

Hiring a professional removals company ensures that you have three things:

  1. The right equipment to move the heavy item
  2. The muscles to move the heavy item
  3. The transport for the heavy item

The rule of thumb here is that if you don’t have even a single 1 of the three things above. If you want to move heavy items, you should consider getting a quote from a removal company.

Moving is time-consuming

Moving is a very time-consuming task, and it is broken down into five key elements:

  1. The pre-move survey, to review what needs moving
  2. Packing, to pack what needs moving
  3. Loading, to load on to the transport the items that need moving
  4. Transport, transporting your items to the destination
  5. Unloading, unloading your items at the preferred destination

All of these tasks take a considerable amount of time. If you have a day job or children, it can be too time-consuming for you and your family to take on the responsibility of the move.

Hiring a professional removal company allows you to regain valuable time to be more productive elsewhere.

Professional movers are experienced artists

A professional moving company will have removals down perfected to an art. It is in a removal company’s best interest to be in and out of the property as soon as possible so they can take on the next job.

Moving is their expertise, and they have the knowledge and experience to safely and securely move all kinds of items. In this sense, they share the same goals as the customer:

  • To move and transport the items to the destination securely without damaging the item
  • To move the items as quickly as possible

However, they have infinitely more experience moving the items than the average removals customers simply because a professional removals company does this daily. In contrast, the average Briton will move once every 23 years only.

Your items are insured during transit

As part of the cost of hiring a professional removal company, your goods are insured by two main insurances taken out by the professional removal company.

  • Goods in Transit insurance, insurance for your items when it is on the move
  • Public Liability insurance, insurance for damages or injuries caused to a person or property

These two insurances work together to ensure that the insurer will compensate your goods if they are damaged or lost during transit. Any damages or injuries to people or property caused by the company you hire will also be compensated.

If something goes wrong during the move, you can rest assured you will be compensated for the inconvenience and be able to claim for the damages.

Moving is stressful

One of the key aspects of hiring a professional removal company is that moving is stressful. Take the stress of packing for you and your family for a long trip abroad but multiply that stress by 100 times, which is how stressful a house move can be.

When you pay professional movers to help you with a house move, you are also paying for your mental health and offloading the stress of the move elsewhere.

Research has shown that moving home can be more stressful than a divorce! So by paying professional movers, you also pay for your mental health to have a stress-free house move.

Moving by yourself with children is dangerous

Did anyone think about the children? Moving a home whilst you have children around not only adds to the stress of the move but can be quite dangerous.

Mixing an environment with children, heavy boxes, and bulky furniture during a move is unsafe. Items are usually not secured in their positions, so they can be prone to tipping over, which can cause serious injuries to your loved ones.

Keeping an eye on your toddler or young children already takes all the heightened senses of a parent, image doing that whilst you are trying to move a TV!

It is simply far safer for you and your children to pay for the value of the service a professional removal company can provide. You and your family can be safely away from harm's way whilst the professionals do their work.

Questions to ask yourself before you hire a removals service

Ask yourself these questions when to justify hiring a professional removal service.

  • Do you have heavy items to move?
  • Do you value your time?
  • Are you efficient in a house move?
  • Are you Insured for a house move?
  • Do you value your mental health?
  • Are the children safe during a house move?

We at VanHelper feel that hiring a house move is one of the best services you can use. One of our colleagues described it like this “it was like the same feeling of getting a dishwasher for the first time in your household. Once you’ve hired a removal company for a house move, you don’t know how you lived without it.”

VanHelper can help get the best deals for your house move

VanHelper does the leg work of finding the right company for your house move, so you don’t need to waste your time on doing searches and comparisons when you use VanHelper the quotes go straight into your mailbox, and the professional removals companies come to you.


Removals service brings exceptional value if you want to move your home. You are not just paying for the transport of your possessions, and you are also paying for the muscles, time, efficiency, insurance, stress-free and safety of the move.

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