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The average cost for local Milton Keynes removals

Milton Keynes is one of the most popular locations for moving homes. The prices for a local home move will be similar to London’s prices due to the town's proximity.

Use VanHelper removals finder service to get the best quote for your home removals in Milton Keynes. Please consider that each removal home moving job is unique and is priced accordingly by professional removal companies. You can find an average cost below, which will vary from your quote price depending on your situation.

Property size Average cost
1 bedroom £300 - £400
2 bedroom £400 - £550
3 bedroom £500 - £650

The average cost of home removals of removals for a one bedroom property in Milton Keynes starts at £300, 2 bedroom property removal costs start at £350, and costs start at £450 for a three bedroom property move.

These costs are estimates only and dependent on the other services you require, such as packing service or furniture assembly, and your estimates may differ. As always, a quote you receive through VanHelper from a removals service provider is the most accurate and quotes provided after a pre-move survey will be better tailored to your needs.

The average cost of moving a home between Milton Keynes and other UK cities

The cost of house removals between Milton Keynes and other major cities around the UK is the expected price around the UK. You can find the average cost for a three bedroom property home move below. You can always get accurate quotes from your local companies through VanHelper specific to your situation.

Birmingham to other cities Average cost for 3 bedroom property
Milton Keynes to London £1,000 - £1,200
Milton Keynes to Manchester £1,000 - £1,200
Milton Keynes to Liverpool £1,050 - £1,200
Milton Keynes to Glasgow £1,200 - £1,400
Milton Keynes to Cardiff £1,100 - £1,300
Milton Keynes to Belfast £1,000 - £1,250

When is the busiest time for home movers in Milton Keynes?

August and September are the busiest months of the year to move in Milton Keynes, and it is no surprise as the end of summer is always the busiest time to move your home within the UK. Fridays are the week's busiest day for home removal because customers want to use the weekend to unpack and unwind.

VanHelper recommends booking removals at least three weeks in advance to avoid disappointment.

Why move to Milton Keynes?

Milton Keynes is the “new city” founded in 1967 to relieve housing congestion in London; it is one of the few grid planned cities in the United Kingdom. Milton Keynes is the largest town in Buckinghamshire, with an urban population of around 265,000 as of 2019.

Milton Keynes is the city with the fastest-growing economy in the UK. There are many job opportunities in the Government and Private sectors in Milton Keynes, focusing mainly on Research, Technology and IT services.

Milton Keynes is unique in its geographical location as it sits between London and Birmingham, and Milton Keynes is perfectly placed to take advantage of the “Golden Triangle” of universities from Cambridge, London and Oxford.

Regarding local removals in Milton Keynes, you will find prices on the higher end of the spectrum. Milton Keynes's cost of living is comparable to London; use VanHelper to request a quote, and you can be sure you’ll get the best prices for your home removals from a local Milton Keynes company.

There is no need to go through all of the removals company's websites for a removals quote. VanHelper is the one-stop shop for getting the best quotes from your local Milton Keynes house moving experts for your home removals. No job is too big or too small. VanHelper will connect you with removal companies and deliver the quote directly.

Best places to move to in Milton Keynes

Other than the planned Milton Keynes town centre, Milton Keynes is also made up of many smaller villages and areas that contribute to the attraction of living in Milton Keynes. If you are thinking about moving your home to Milton Keynes, here are 5 of the best areas of Milton Keynes to live in:


An ancient village of Buckinghamshire, it contains Willen lake, considered Milton Keyne’s most popular park for outdoor water activities such as windsurfing and dingy sailing. Moving to Willen would be the right choice for you and your family if you are in the market for a quiet village living with good outdoor access. The average property price in Middleton is around £436,000.

Stony Stratford

Suppose you enjoy the hustle and bustle of a market town. In that case, Stony Stratford is one of the best places to move to. Stony Stratford is historically the market town between London to Chester, and a Saturday market is still held at Timor Court every Saturday between 9 am and 3 pm. A farmer’s market is also held every last Friday of every month between 9 am and 1 pm. The average property price in Stony Stratford is £340,000.


With a residential zone on the banks of River Ouzel and the home campus to the world-famous Open University, Walton is considered the quieter area in Milton Keynes to move to for a peaceful scenic small village living experience. The average property price in Walton is £332,000.


This area just west of central Milton Keynes contains the original Milton Keynes village that gave the greater area of Milton Keynes its name. With a small population of 6,000, you will find the rural gem and close-knit community. Residents aged 30 to 44 make up 1/3 of the people in Middleton, and many who look to grow their families call Middleton their home in Milton Keynes. The average property price in Middleton Milton Keynes is £440,000.


Best known for Bletchley Park, the headquarters where code breakers broke Enigma in World War II, it is the main tourist attraction of Milton Keynes. This also means that Bletchley is well served by public transport locally and by the main grid roads of Milton Keynes, making Bletchley one of the most accessible areas in Milton Keynes. The average house price in Bletchley is £286,000 and is on the more affordable scale of Milton Keynes as it mainly contains Terraced and Semi-detached properties.

Key facts about moving to Milton Keynes


Milton Keynes has roughly 265,000 inhabitants within the urban area as of 2019, above the intended target population of 250,000 envisioned when the city was first established in 1967.

Popular with families, Milton Keynes has a younger age profile compared to England as a whole, with 24.7% of Milton Keynes population aged 19 or under compared to 23.7% in England, 59.5% of the people in Milton Keynes are aged 16 to 64.

Average property prices in Milton Keynes

The prices for properties in Milton Keynes averaged around £331,000 as of writing in 2021, with an 8% price increase yearly.

Most of the properties sold in Milton Keynes were detached properties with an average price of £476,000, Semi-detached properties sold for an average of £291,000, and Terraced properties sold for an average price of £246,000.

Average rent prices in Milton Keynes

The average rent price for Milton Keynes is £1,250 per calendar month, and the median rent is £1,100 per calendar month, over 45% of the properties offered for rent in Milton Keynes were priced around £1,000 to £2,000 per calendar month.

The average rent price in Milton Keynes for a one bedroom property is £1,100 per calendar month, two bedrooms are £1,200 per calendar month, and three bedrooms are £1,350 per calendar month.

You can expect the rent for Milton Keynes to be 40-50% cheaper than comparable properties in London.

Average salary in Milton Keynes

Using 2019 figures, the average annual salary in Milton Keynes is around £36,000, which is comparable to London’s average of £36,000. It is why Milton Keynes is such an attractive location for families, as you can enjoy a London salary whilst living in an area where they can be up to 40-50% cheaper than in London.

Public transport in Milton Keynes

There are extensive bus networks within Milton Keynes, with established routes with MK Move and on-demand routes available with MK Connect. As the name suggests, established routes are routes with physical stops and a timetable. On-demand routes are a newer concept of transport within the United Kingdom - where a bus transport will pick up and drop off customers within 400 metres of their chosen location. Bus service can also serve areas without bus stops and established routes. If established bus routes can complete your journey, the MK Connect mobile app will inform you of such.

Milton Keynes is served by the Milton Keynes Central railway station and is an important railway stop with trains travelling to the following locations around the UK:

  • London Euston
  • Northampton Crewe
  • Birmingham New Street
  • Glasgow / Edinburgh
  • Birmingham New Street
  • Manchester Piccadilly
  • Chester
  • Holyhead
  • Liverpool Lime Street
  • Brighton

If you are considering moving to Milton Keynes, consider getting a car, as the city’s grid system is designed for car travel. It is especially popular with electric vehicles due to Milton Keynes's push for more charging stations around town.

Grid road system in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes has a reputation for roundabouts and grid roads because it is a relatively recent planned city. The government created the network of grid roads to test a street hierarchy principle unique in the United Kingdom; this network of roads runs between districts in Milton Keynes at the national speed limit. The grid roads are segregated from pedestrian and cycling traffic, and the absence of traffic lights is replaced with roundabouts, making the grid road system in Milton Keynes highly efficient at the movement of traffic.

The grid roads are designated as “H” roads and “V” roads, with “H” roads running horizontally North/South and “V” roads running vertically East/West.

Milton Keynes airport

Milton Keynes is served by Luton Airport, just 20 miles away. Luton airport is the 5th busiest airport in the United Kingdom.

Living in Milton Keynes and using Luton Airport, you can travel to most European destinations. There are specific long-distance flights from Mumbai in India, Hong Kong and Beijing in China and other exotic locations such as Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt.

Please note that Luton Airport’s closest terminal drop off/pick up parking area charges £5 for 10 minutes and £1 per minute. After that, the 15-minute free drop off/pick up location is the Mid-stay car park 600 meters away.

Air quality in Milton Keynes

The annual health impacts and cost to society from particulate matter are estimated to be at £16 billion in the United Kingdom. The Milton Keynes council prioritises improving air quality by promoting Ultra-low emission vehicles.

With its MK Go Ultra Low City scheme, Milton Keynes has seen over £9 million in funding for better Electric and plug-in vehicles innovation, infrastructure and experience for local residents since 2016, providing home grants and incentives for residents to purchase and use Electric vehicles.

Milton Keynes sets an annual objective of under 40 µg/m3 of PM10 Concentration, of which the city trends at 15-16 µg/m3 from 2018 figures.

Milton Keynes NO2 Concentrations annual target is set at 40 µg/m3. In 2018 the data captured by automatic monitoring stations in 2018 saw a mean of 26 µg/m3.

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