Clean Air Zones in the UK

What is Clean Air Zones?

The Clean Air Zones (CAZ) is a government scheme with restrictions to specific areas to improve air quality. A CAZ can be as small as a single road or as big as a whole city.

How does Clean Air Zones affect Removals service?

This has implications for removals services that operate Light Goods Vehicles and Heavy Goods Vehicles, as there will be a charge to enter such zones if the vehicle is not compliant.

What is a compliant vehicle in Clean Air Zone?

Generally, your vehicle must be at least Euro 4 emission standard complaint petrol model or registered after 2006. If it's a diesel, it should be compliant with Euro 6.

Type of vehicle Registered after Euro compliant
Petrol January 2006 At least Euro 4
Diesel September 2015 At least Euro 6

Exemption from CAZ

There are a few exemptions for CAZ; all cities implementing CAZ will have their own rules. However, the baseline rules for all cities force exemption are always:

  • Residents within the Zone
  • Blue badge holders
  • Vehicles with a disabled tax class

Cities implementing CAZ

City Non-Compliant LGV per day Non-Compliant HGV per day Start Date Operational hours
Aberdeen TBA TBA 2023 TBA
Bath £9 £100 15/03/2021 24/7
Birmingham £8 £50 14/06/2021 24/7
Bradford £9 £50 05/01/2022 24/7
Bristol £9 £100 29/10/2021 24/7
Cambridge TBA TBA 2024 TBA
Cardiff £10 £50 2024 TBA
Dundee TBA TBA 2024 TBA
Edinburgh TBA TBA 2024 TBA
Gateshead £12.50 £50 2021 24/7
Glasgow TBA TBA 01/06/2023 TBA
Leeds Abolished Abolished Abolished Abolished
Leicester Abolished Abolished Abolished Abolished
London (ULEZ) £12.50 £100 08/04/2019 24/7
London (LEZ) £100 £100-£300 04/02/2008 24/7
Manchester £10 £60 30/05/2022 (HGV)
31/05/2023 (LGV)
Newcastle £12.50 £50 2022 24/7
North Tyneside £12.50 £50 2021 24/7
Oxford (ZEZ) £2-£10 £2-£10 2022 07:00 to 19:00
Portsmouth N/A £50 2021 24/7
Sheffield £10 £50 TBA TBA
Southampton Abolished Abolished Abolished Abolished
Stoke-On-Trent £9-£35 £9-£35 TBA TBA
Warrington TBA TBA TBA TBA
York N/A N/A 01/02/2020 N/A


There is now a cost associated with non-compliant Heavy Goods and Light Goods vehicles travelling through the inner city areas of most major cities in the UK. Customers will most likely have this cost added to their home removal quotes, as not all removal companies have the latest compliant vehicles.

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