Do I actually need a pre-move survey?

Moving home is always a huge step to take in life. The entire process can take weeks, if not months, to complete. Suppose you are still on the fence about hiring a removal service or would like to know more about removal services. In that case, this article will explain one of the star services provided by professional removal services - A pre-move survey.

What is a home removal pre-move survey?

Traditionally a pre-move survey is a quick on-site survey at your property done by a professional removal company. So that they can correctly quote you for your move based on the quantity and the type of items to be moved.

Today in the digital age, this can be done through a video call to the customer with the professional removal company guiding the customer and asking the customer for more information through the video call.

The Pre-move survey is usually carried out free of charge before the final removals job quote is provided to the customer.

Where will the pre-move survey occur for my house move?

The pre-move survey will occur inside the property from which you would like to move items. A removal company can arrange this pre-move survey before giving you an accurate estimate of the total cost of your move.

When does a pre-move survey happen when you move a property?

The pre-move survey usually takes around 30 minutes to complete and can be scheduled before your move date. If the company provided you a quote before the survey, they would update your quote based on the survey's results.

Why do you need a pre-move survey for your relocation?

A pre-move survey allows the professional removal company to pre-plan how to load items more effectively. The movers can consider the fragility of certain items and how they can be protected. The size of the vehicles, the equipment and the helpers required can also be decided through the pre-move survey to give the customer the best removals service on a moving day in an efficient and timely manner.

Who carries out the pre-move survey when you are moving home?

The removals service you wish to receive a quote from will carry out the pre-move survey. This is usually done free of charge by the removal company.

How does a pre-move survey make a home move better?

A pre-move survey makes your home move more efficient and better by answering key questions a professional removals company will have about your move, such as:

  • Where is the property you want to move from?
  • Where are you moving to?
  • What items do you want to move, and what items should be left alone?
  • Does your building have lift access?
  • What floor do you live on?
  • How will the parking be arranged?
  • How big are the doors and staircases?
  • Do you need a packing service or packing materials?
  • Are there any specific large items or fragile items?
  • Do you need assembly or disassembly services?
  • What other specific services do you need?

A pre-move survey will answer all these questions for the professional removal company, and they will be able to quote your job effectively. The preview of the property and items that need moving can also make the job more efficient on a moving day. To maximise efficiency, professional movers expect to be in and out of your property as quickly as possible.

What does VanHelper say about removal service pre-move surveys?

VanHelper always recommends that customers choose a professional removal service and complete a pre-move survey for their property. It gives the movers a chance to see what they need to move and to spot any difficulties they might encounter on the move date. So that they can prepare and take action to mitigate these issues or make you aware of them.

As the surveys are usually free, there is no harm in getting surveys and quotes from multiple companies so you can compare the prices yourself. Using VanHelper is the best way to compare numerous local companies in one go.


Pre-move surveys are usually free and part of the service to get a more accurate quote for your home move by giving the removal company vital information. It takes less than 15-25 minutes to complete and can be achieved using video calls.

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