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VanHelper Platform

VanHelper’s main objective is to provide an easy to use online platform for Removal and Man & Van businesses to sell their services to customers, sign up for free today.
We understand the lack of support from technology companies for small to medium-sized businesses and intend to serve this market by providing best in class e-commerce experience for both the customer and van service provider, we achieve this through streamlined customer acquisition, quoting, payment handling and bookings notifications on the VanHelper platform.
The core functionalities of the VanHelper platform and services are:
  • Marketing and SEO for customer acquisition through marketing available service in service areas you have defined based on postcode.
  • Orders management.
  • Payments capture.
  • Van, driver and helper capacity management.
  • Automatic job scheduling.
  • Walk-in job scheduling.
  • Email and SMS notifications to your business and drivers for bookings made by Customers.
VanHelper will create marketing campaigns and operate the Google ad campaigns for relevant keywords in service areas which you have defined.
VanHelper will cover the cost of these activities as the SEO is directed at VanHelper website, we aim to pull qualified customers towards the VanHelper site to purchase the service specific to the areas that your company serves.
The determining factor for customers in purchasing the service from the pool of service providers will be down to the customer’s choice over the price of the booking and your company’s availability.
The main goal of this approach is to avoid local companies from cannibalising and increasing the cost of online advertising for their local areas and reducing the competing factors down to price, quality of service and reputation.
Orders management
VanHelper provides a complete suite of order management tools which allows you to view and manage your bookings and reschedule if necessary.
As soon as our system receives the order on behalf of your business, it will appear immediately on your Bookings area so you can view the details of the booking and call the customer for more information if required.
Order Management
Online Payments
VanHelper supports online payments through PayPal and the most common Credit/Debit Cards such as Mastercard and Visa.
We will cover the cost of the payment service fees, this means that VanHelper will handle the online payments as well as take on the risks associated with online payments such as fraud checks and compliances.
Online Payments
Van, driver and helper capacity management
VanHelper has a resource management capability which automatically allocates required van, driver and helpers to a job based on a number of factors you define.
You still have full control when it can accept jobs.
The system is able to determine which van is in use and which van has capacity to take another job, it will match this with appropriate drivers and helpers that are also available to create a booking for customers.
As your business grows - we want to help you expand too, to compliment the van resource management we also have employee management so the system can allocate employees to jobs if they have capacity.
Capacity Managment
Automatic job scheduling
The main feature of VanHelper is the automatic job scheduling capability which will automatically schedule a booking for your company based on your company’s business hours and booking capacity.
The system is designed to prevent your company from double booking, even if the 2 customers book the same time slot at the same time, the system will only take the booking from 1 of the customers and redirect the other customer to book another time.
Automatic Job Scheduling
Walk-in job scheduling
We understand that your company will get bookings from other channels such as telephone enquiries or through your existing website.
VanHelper has capability to help you manage your bookings as to avoid clashes with automatic bookings, this is achieved through 2 functionalities;
  1. Booking slot capacity finder
    • This feature allows you to quickly find a slot for booking based on leads from phone calls, emails or other methods so you can quickly tell your customer whether your company has the capacity to take the job or not.
  2. Custom job creation
    • You can further input details of the walk-in job if you want, such as monetary value and additional details of the job, using VanHelper to track and view jobs you have received outside of VanHelper.
Walk in job scheduling
We do not expect you to sit in front of a dashboard and refresh constantly, as such we have implemented both Email and SMS notifications to the company owner when a booking is made.
This ensures that you are immediately notified when a booking comes through.
On the other side, a customer will also get email notification for the booking they have just made, which will reassure the customer that a booking has been made and your company is committed to the job.